Fatty Knees: Video Section. Boat built by Fatty Knees.

I love my Fatty Knees!

For those who yearn for a classic, solidly built dinghy that performs well, the Fatty Knees is truly a distinctive little yacht. She’s a chuncky little boat with plenty of room,exceptional stability, and yet appealing, graceful lines. And with almost 2,000 in use, owners still rave, "I love my Fatty Knees."

"The name Fatty Knees came from a time when my wife Doodle was drying our three-year-old granddaughter, while she was on her lap after a warm bath. Grandma teasingly squeezed on her little knees and exclaimed, "lamb, you’ve got fatty knees." Lamb then reached over and took hold of Doodles knees and retorted,“Grandma, you really got fatty knees." Lyle Hess, Designer

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